Originally established as a retail shop for fresh made pasta in May of 1985, without a menu and serving only two sampling dishes a day “LA ROMAGNOLA” outgrew its production facility within weeks of opening its doors. Following the relocation of our pasta machines to a factory setting, the space on Ponce de Leon was converted into a restaurant. At the same time trademark reasons caused us to change the name to BUGATTI, The Art of Pasta.

BUGATTI quickly established itself as a specialty restaurant for Italian gourmet pasta and for the longest time did not offer any other fare. In 2005 the restaurant received a new store front and an interior facelift. This is when we complemented our menu with some signature seafood, chicken and meat specialties.

The original configuration of our kitchen focused on the production of pasta and its fillings. This limited our ability to accommodate all cooking techniques normally applied in restaurants. BUGATTI, to this day, is therefore still operating without a stove. We just do not have the room to install one. This situation requires an extraordinary attention to procedural details for every menu item during its creation and when it is prepared. As a result BUGATTI has proudly acquired its reputation for quality and consistency.